How Much Is Your RCI Timeshare Worth?

As you know, there are 2 ways to buy a timeshare, either from the Resort itself (the developer) or on the resale market (from an existing owner). The developer’s selling price is very high because of their markup and business cost. Some people would say the resort prices are very inflated. The actual value of your RCI timeshare is based on supply and demand. Before selling, you need to know current prices for similar timeshares that have recently sold. This is why our report is so valuable.

How do you sell RCI points?

RCI Points represents a point value system between a RCI affiliated timeshare resort and RCI exchange company. The system allows a certain number of points to be used for certain resorts according to the rules. Selling your RCI points means you need to sell your timeshare, as RCI does not own a timeshare resort.

What is the RCI timeshare exchange company?

Owners become a member of RCI and deposit a timeshare week or unit into the exchange inventory. After this, the member can choose from other resorts that are equal in RCI point values. The benefit of doing this is to have a large selection and greater flexibility of places to vacation. Having a RCI timeshare means you stay at similar valued resorts. The reviews of using RCI weeks are generally good, but some timeshare owners get frustrated in the process or comparing various timeshare resorts.

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