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Your system is fast and easy. It's accuracy it yet to be determined, but if I can get the mid-range for my unit I would gladly proclaim your value to the world. Thank you. Lawrence

Hi Lawrence,

Thanks for the positive feedback. Let us know how things go for you and we hope you actually get more than the mid-range when you sell your timeshare.

Good Luck!



I recently used your website in order to get an approx. value of the timeshares we own. The information was very helpful, and it was certainly a pleasant surprise that there's SOMEONE in the timeshare business that DOESN'T ask for an "up front" fee! :)

Thanks for your most helpful website.


Afternoon Ralph,

Thank you for your compliments. We hope you find success in selling your timeshare! Please let other owners know about Timeshare Worth.


Thank you for the feedback on our timeshare @ Westgate Smokey Mountains. I am shocked at how low the buyer offers are. When we purchased it we purchased a unit that the resort said was a foreclosure. We were only charged the balance owed on the unit which was just under $14,000. We were told the actual cost of the unit was over $30,000, meaning we got the unit for $17,000 less than the value.

After seeing your report, I truly believe we were lied too by the resort. We never saw the actual proof that the unit was a foreclosure. They were only offerring us this deal that day we toured the resort.

Thank you,

Good day Ronald,

Sounds like Westgate gave you the old bait and switch. They make you think your getting a great deal but you could've purchased the same unit on the resale market for a few thousand dollars instead of $14000. I wish we were able to warn you before you purchased. If any fraud occurred during the sales presentation you could cancel this ownership. Let us know if we can help or if you have any questions.

Thank you,


Thanks for the advice. My situation is that I have already paid in full for my time share unit but the annual taxes etc are killing me. Can I still get out of this mess?-Foster.

Hello Foster-If we can review your timeshare situation together we'll find the best solution to help you end your timeshare ownership. Some ownerships can be sold but some can't. Hopefully you own one that is popular!

Thank You-Kevin

We are looking to sell or get rid of our timeshare. We currently pay mortgage on it. We own a Lawrence Welk Villas On the green platinum membership 1 bedroom 120,000 points a year which can be used at all the Welk Resorts or be transferred into II or RCI. Can you help us??

Hi Awilda,

There is resale activity for your resort and most of the resales are for platinum units like the one you own. If you don't have a mortgage of more than a couple of thousands you may be able to sell it. Contact us to review your ownership details and we'll let you know what your options are.



Thank you for the quick response. I need help understanding the categories listed and why there is such a big difference between the actual value and the sold amount.


Hello Sarah,

The report shows you units for sale, offer made and actual sold units. Most owners don't realize that they're timeshare is worth less so they are pricing them too high. This explains the difference your seeing. Let us know if you need help going over the report.



Do I have to pay all my maintenance fees to list with you? I have to pay
part of them, and I have to pay $300 to reactivate it (they took it away for
not paying all my 2011 maintenance fees). I was told by VI that it may take
up to 4 weeks. In 2011 it was $789.80.

Terri and Al

Hello Terri and Al,

You don't have to have your maintenance fees paid to advertise for sale but they will need to be up to date for an ownership transfer to take place. The resort won't allow you to sell if you owe them any fees. Buyer also feel better about buying when all is in order.


I did look at the report but it is disturbing. It seems it is designed to get people to just give up their real estate for nothing and it must be a big money maker for the company who will kindly take it over and it is all legal. Maybe I can sign my house over too so I don’t have to pay taxes anymore.
Peggy S.

We agree that some reports are disturbing but some show good resale opportunities. We hate to be the bearer of bad news but we won't just tell you what you want hear. We find that the resorts selling these overpriced timeshares disturbing. Many timeshare owners have found that they were lied too by resort sales people so they would buy. Not sure how someone can make "big money" off worthless timeshares. We don't want you timeshare as its a depreciating asset but we'll take your house as it is actually a real asset.


I don't quiet understand the report. Is it showing what it's worth and how much it sold for or is it showing how much it's worth and what is being offered?


The report shows you units on the market, offer being made and completed resale's. Touch base with us if you need help.




What is the prevailing cost to sell my timeshare…typically a real estate agent request 6% of sale price?

Karen K.

Good Morning Karen,

You can pay to advertise and hope to get a retail dollar offer or if you go with a broker you'll get a wholesale offer. The broker will look to get a $1000-$2000 commission when selling.

Good Luck,

Thanks for the report which I found interesting.

One question: what are the reasons for the huge difference between the minimum “selling price” and the maximum? Is it realistic to take the average “selling price” as a starting point?

Yours truly,

Evening John,

Some owners are desperate to sell and accept tire kicker offers while other owners value their ownerships and hold out for the best price. The average is a realistic starting point but that doesn't mean that can sell for more or less than the average.

Thank you,



Thank you for the email and the information. I am looking at selling my timeshare, not giving it away. As I can trade into Interval and still be ahead every year. I have been burned bad with people telling me they can sell it and then I pay them money and nothing. If this is you, please do not reply. If it is not you send me an email and explain your services


Hello Craig,

The question is "Is your timeshare even sellable?". If it isn't then don't waste anymore money trying to sell. To avoid scams never do business with anyone that you didn't contact on your own. Look out for unsolicited phone calls, emails or postcards.


Hi definetely I need some help but please no calls only e-mails until I’m ready!

My time sharing is paid off:
Regal Villa Palms at Orlando, Sanford.

I would like to sell it for any value but I see that is very hard (I don’t want to advertise anything, no more expenses)
Is there a chance to sell it?
Waiting your comments


Hello Timeshare Owner,

Unfortunately your timeshare probably can't be sold. I don't see much activity for this resort although it's very nice and in a popular area. Contact us and we can go over your ownership details to determine the best way to get you out of this ownership.


Hi there, thanks for the report. The value seems to be much less than we imagined. So we feel our best bet would be to continue having family vacations there and pass it on to our children.
thank and
Warm Regards

Hi Toni,

Glad our report helped you decide what was best for you and your family! Keep it and enjoy it as that's what you bought it for in the first place.

Have a great day!


We've enjoyed our timeshares for over 18 years -- wonderful trips and memories ! Not sure yet that we want to sell. but are gathering info. Very wary of "scams" thanks-Don

Hello Don,

So happy to hear that you've enjoyed your timeshare for 18 years! That what timeshares are supposed to do. If you want to sell make sure your ownership is sellable and never do business with any unsolicited callers as they're always a scam. Find companies that have been in business for at least 5 years and can show you completed resales. The BBB can also help you filter out the bad companies.

Happy Timesharing!


Would like to know our best options regarding the sale of our timeshare. I assume that the "cancelling your timeshare" option is if you have a mortgage, ours is paid off.

What is your method of payment for your services?

Realtor Century 21 Affiliated

Hello Ron,

Your best option is to price the unit fairly so buyer will be attracted and market aggressively. If you will take a wholesale price then you may be able to work with a timeshare broker that has a buyer lined up. The difference is selling for retail or taking the wholesale offer.



Hi Timeshare Worth,

My husband and I co-own time share in Vegas at the Grandview. My friend and her husband wish to keep their share but we do not because our hands are tied in many situations unless they are with you. They have friends that are interested in half of the timeshare. Please advise what is involved when selling just your side.

Thank you,

Hello Roslyn,

If no money is exchanging hands you can use a quit claim deed to change owners. You may feel more comfortable having a lawyer do this for you but some people attempt this on your own. Our lawyer can help you if needed.



Thanks for the info, there is no money owned on it, i just need to sell asap. after loosing my husband my income can no longer afford the maintenance fee. tell me what you can do for me, also only call on week-ends ,thanks Marie

Hello Marie,

Very sorry to hear of your loss. Please accept our condolences. We need to determine if buyers want what you have. Some timeshares are very hard to sell. Contact us and we can see what options are available for you.

Have a nice day,


Thanks for the report, but it was not very helpful as it did not contain information on SOLD units which is really the only way to know how much mine is worth.

Gail B

Evening Gail,

The report does have information on sold units. Touch base with us and we'll go over the report with you.

Thank you,




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